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When a member becomes a consultant

I started as a member in 2015 and like a few members hit it off to a great start and then got back in to old habits and put the weight back on. I would join again, listen to the new member talk and then just continue with the same loop- lose well then let those old habits creep back in. At the time I would weigh and go before I decided it was time to start taking my weight loss and health more seriously. I started to stay to IMAGE therapy. I found others who had the same issues I had with my weigh loss, I discovered new ways to get around what I felt I had been missing as a Slimming World member. I lost weight and kept it off! I had found the secret to great weight loss and that was support from the other members and my consultant. 
My consultant told us all as a group that they were looking for consultants in the local area and I said I was interested. I wanted to help others with their struggle the way I had struggled. I was successful with my interview and I relaunched my Saturday Morning group on 4th January 2020.  The group was a huge success! My members were losing weight beautifully and the buzz in the room was amazing! Now we have returned to group and I now have two extra groups that I support with their weight loss journeys. I love my role as a consultant and seeing the changes in people is the biggest reward you can have!

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